DVF2000ER - Light tactical UAS - Survey Copter

Light UAS
DVF 2000 ER


Both for civilian and military use, the DVF 2000 ER light UAS meets the needs expressed by public decision-makers and the armed forces for a robust system offering long-term surveillance or inspection capabilities. Thanks to its long endurance (8 hours), it offers operational staff a permanent presence in the field, and 360° surveillance.

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, the DVF2000 ER can be used for a wide range of operations, even in demanding situations.


Features and strengths

Technical data
Propulsion Propulsion Piston engine
Autonomy Endurance 8h
Distance Range 80 km
Deployment time Deployment time 30 min
Recovery Recovery Automated on semi-prepared runways
Low logistical footprint Logistical footprint Low
Easy to use Easy to use  

DVF2000ER Drone - Survey Copter