Defence applications - Information - Survey Copter


In the context of intelligence missions, Survey Copter systems are equipped with multiple sensors: high quality gyrostabilised day/night optronics; SIGINT sensors - signals intelligence -; AIS - Automatic Identification System, etc. The use of such sensors is optimized with the integration of functions: automatic detection; automatic target tracking, etc. This combination allows capabilities such as: the analysis and establishment of the tactical situation (convoy opening, lighting, etc.); DRI (Detection Recognition Identification); support for assaults and strikes (firing correction, cover of retreats, BDA – Battle Damage Assessment, etc.), and much more.

Seeing without being seen (stealth), capturing information upstream (elongation), even in hard-to-reach areas and despite the rigours of tactical use...and doing so with the speed and precision needed to analyse while preserving human lives and speeding up decision-making: these are just some of the added value features of our systems.

Rapidly deployable and with a low acoustic and visual footprint, Survey Copter UAS are a considerable asset in intelligence missions where discretion and agility are paramount.