Capa-X - Light tactical UAS - Survey Copter

Light UAS


Designed for both civilian and military use, the Capa-X UAV system meets the needs expressed by public decision-makers, armies, para-public forces and civilian players for a modular UAS in terms of missions, configurations and airworthiness rules, while ensuring sovereignty.

Capa-X offers a wide range of configurations, enabling it to fulfil a vast array of missions and operations while ensuring a high level of integrity and reliability: intelligence, surveillance, logistics, territorial surveillance, rescue missions, support in crisis/disaster zones, infrastructure inspection, etc.


Features and strengths

Technical data
Payload capacity Payload capacity > 10 kg
Maximum speed Maximum speed 150 km/h (short-wing configuration)
Minimum speed Minimum speed 0 km/h (Hover)
Take-off/Landing Vertical take-off/landing Vertical
Autopilot Autopilot WeControl
Loads Modularity of on-board loads Thanks to a modular payload bay
Use of multiple sensors Use of multiple sensors Simultaneous use of multiple sensors during the flight
Modular structure Modular structure Fixed-wing or VTOL configuration, short/long wing
Low logistical footprint Logistical footprint Low
Discreet Discreet  
Easy to use Easy to use  
Capa-X Drone - Survey Copter