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Maritime surveillance

Maritime surveillance is a major strategic and economic challenge for many countries. The flow of goods and people, as well as traffic linked to illegal activities (drugs, pollution, illegal fishing, etc.) must be monitored, regulated and even stopped to guarantee the safety of citizens, borders and economic activity.

To this end, Survey Copter's UAS offer unrivalled on-the-go capability. They provide discreet, high-performance surveillance thanks to sophisticated sensors and high level of automation. The UAS can operate over long distances, withstand hot and cold temperatures, and pick up AIS (Automatic Identification System) signals from ships to identify suspicious movements and activities: illegal fishing, piracy, pollution, etc. They provide an overview of the maritime situation, enabling informed decisions to be taken in real time.

Survey Copter UAS can also be deployed to monitor and protect the maritime environment. Thanks to their ability to cover vast areas, they can quickly detect pollution zones and oil spills, enabling rapid intervention by the relevant authorities.