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Infrastructure inspection

Regular inspection of infrastructure such as bridges, chimneys, nuclear facilities, dykes, dams, power lines and pipelines is essential to detect any changes or defects and ensure their proper operation. Survey Copter's UAS offer an alternative to traditional methods such as human inspection. They limit risks, optimise maintenance operations (which can represent several millions euros a year) and give decision-makers a global view of the infrastructure. They can also protect critical infrastructures from theft and intrusion.

Survey Copter offers a range of UAS tailored to these infrastructure inspection missions, whether critical or not. The airworthiness performance of Survey Copter UAS means that these inspections can be carried out in complete safety and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Survey Copter UAS can be deployed very quickly, have a small logistical footprint, and require easy pilot training to automate and optimise the inspection and/or surveillance operation.


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