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When road or rail transport is not an option (or when the constraints involved are deemed too great) the deployement of UAS is a suitable solution for small cargo logistics operations to landlocked difficult-to-access, or for the transport of high value-added goods. Delivery by drone is also an effective way of optimising the supply chain and relieving congestion in towns and cities.

Thanks to their modularity, Survey Copter UAS can carry survival kits, blood bags, medicines, first-aid kits, defibrillators, radios, light merchandise, etc. The airworthiness performance of Survey Copter UAS means these deliveries can be carried out safely and in compliance with current regulations, while optimising delivery time.

Survey Copter UAS can be deployed very quickly, have a small logistics footprint and are easy to train to fly, all of which are necessary to optimise an already well designed and sequenced supply chain.


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