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Light UAS


Designed for both civil and military purposes, the light tactical UAS Aliaca meets the needs expressed by public decision-makers, civil stakeholders and the armed forces for a light UAS with a low logistical footprint which can operate in constrained spaces.

The system's added value lies in its proven, automated net recovery system, which can be integrated into surface vessels regardless of whether they are equipped with a helicopter platform, or deployed from the land for coastal or land missions and operations. Its small logistical footprint makes it an essential tool on board, and an asset ashore for overcoming logistical constraints such as a semi-prepared runway.

Certified and in operation with the French Navy in the frame of the SMDM program (Small Tactical UAS for the Navy) in its electric configuration (Aliaca Evo), the light tactical UAS Aliaca has been developed into a range of products (Aliaca line) with a piston engine configuration (Aliaca ER) based on the same structure.

The Aliaca family can be used for a wide range of intelligence, surveillance and inspection missions or operations, in a maritime, coastal or land environment and with thermal or electric propulsion. Its two configurations offer a range of capabilities.


Features and strengths - ALIACA EVO

Technical data
Propulsion Propulsion Electric
Autonomy Autonomy 3h
Distance Range 50km – 27 NM
Deployment time Deployment time 15 min
Automated net recovery Automated net recovery  
Easy to use Logistical footprint Low
Discreet Discreet  
Easy to use Easy to use  

Features and strengths - ALIACA ER

Propulsion Propulsion Piston engine
Autonomy Autonomy 6h
Distance Range 100km – 54 NM
Deployment time Deployment time 15min
Automated net recovery Automatic recovery By net
Low logistical footprint Logistical footprint Low
Easy to use Easy to use  
 Transponder ADS B Out transponder  
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