Civil applications - Meeting the needs of today's and tomorrow's society - Survey Copter

Meeting the needs of today's and tomorrow's society

While the use of drones is now widespread in the security and military sectors, new opportunities are opening up in the civil sector. Indeed, new needs are emerging in the private and public sectors, demonstrating that these systems can also be invaluable tools for meeting them, while optimizing the cost of operations and reducing risks. With 25 years' experience under its belt, Survey Copter offers solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of business sectors (logistics, inspection, surveillance, etc.), as well as key airworthiness issues, thanks to its secure UAVs. Survey Copter was one of the first companies to deploy drones for civil applications, such as line inspection and surveillance.

When it comes to infrastructure inspection, the precision of Survey Copter drones means they can access remote and/or difficult areas, as well as inspect long-stretched structures, increasing the chances of detecting structural anomalies and optimizing the time and human resources required for inspection.

During crises such as natural disasters, Survey Copter systems are capable of rapidly providing high-quality images in real time to assess damage and guide rescue teams. They can also act as temporary communication relays for para-public forces.

In the logistics sector, drones can be used to diversify delivery methods, which are currently deployed on river, sea and rail routes, and optimize delivery times to meet the challenges of relieving congestion on traditional routes.

Survey Copter's solutions meet society's current needs and anticipate those of tomorrow.