Defence applications - Support decision-making when the situation requires it - Survey Copter

Support decision-making when the situation requires it

With over 25 years' experience Survey Copter is a recognised player in the military sector. The company holds two major contracts with the French Armed forces (DRAC - Drone de Reconnaissance Au Contact [close-range reconnaissance UAS] - and French Navy with SMDM - Système de Mini Drone pour la Marine [Mini Drone System for the Navy]), Survey Copter offers UAS capable of responding to a wide range of maritime and land-based missions, such as: Intelligence, Contact Logistics, Communications and Electronic Warfare, etc.

Survey Copter's UAS offer real-time an observation (IMINT - imagery intelligence), surveillance and remote data collection (SIGINT - signals intelligence, AIS - Automatic Identification System, etc.). They can be used to collect a wide range of information on the ground: the positions occupied by the forces involved; their movements; the type of equipments deployed and its position, etc. They are an essential tool for supporting rapid decision-making when the situation demands it.

In addition to their observation and surveillance capabilities, Survey Copter UAS can also meet communications needs by acting as long-range relays (as they are airborne), electronic warfare (e.g. jamming), and logistical support in contact, with great mobility and agility for the decision-making echelon.

Survey Copter products are designed to meet the demands of the field, whether in terms of strength, agility, safety, autonomy or adaptability.