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Beyond the horizon

An aeronautics champion in the heart of Drôme Provençale

Based in Pierrelatte, in the heart of the Drôme provençale region of France, Survey Copter has been designing, producing and maintaining light tactical drone systems since 1996. The company specializes in light drone systems for both civilian and military applications, and has sold over 300 UAS to national and international customers since its creation.

A pioneer in the field of civil UAS, with its first civilian UAV deployments in the late 90s, Survey Copter continues to contribute to the development of UAS for routine civil use, notably through logistics projects, search and rescue operations, and R&T projects under the supervision of regulatory authorities bodies. Survey Copter has also become a reference in the field of military UAS, through numerous national (Army and Navy) and international contracts, offering its 27 years of expertise.

An aeronautics champion in the heart of Drôme Provençale

A European company

In 2011, Survey Copter joined the Airbus group as a subsidiary of its Airbus Defence and Space entity, representing the group's expertise in the field of light tactical UAS. This affiliation with Airbus, a reference aeronautical company, fosters synergies (technical, HR, etc.) between Survey Copter and the group's entities (Airbus Defence and Space, Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Commercial).

As a benchmark systems manufacturer and integrator, Survey Copter also relies on a network of suppliers, the vast majority of whom are national and European. In 2007, Survey Copter also integrated the solutions of its subsidiary weControl, a Swiss specialist in autopilots.

Survey Copter - A European company

More than just a drone manufacturer: a systems designer

Thanks to its technological expertise, Survey Copter designs all its systems (air vector, ground station, etc.). Survey Copter also integrates into its UAVs flight computers featuring the most advanced flight algorithms designed by its Swiss subsidiary weControl. We offer our customers a complete service, including supply of systems and spare parts, training of operators and maintenance technicians, and associated documentation. Survey Copter supports its customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their drone systems.

Survey Copter - Drone manufacturer and systems designer

A wealth of military expertise

Designed for both military and civilian applications, Survey Copter's tactical UAS are used by our main customers in various theaters of operation. In 2003, Survey Copter equipped French Army forces with the DRAC (Drone de reconnaissance au contact), and has supported them for over ten years in maintaining operational conditions. In 2020, it's the French Navy's turn to choose Survey Copter for the SMDM (Systèmes de mini-drones de la Marine) [Navy mini-UAS] program. With sales of over 300 UAS in France and abroad, the company has already demonstrated its expertise. We benefit from unique feedback from operational experience and in-service expertise, thanks to its deployment in numerous theaters of operation and by numerous forces around the world for over two decades.

Survey Copter - A wealth of military expertise

Navigability: a mantra which Survey Copter has made its own

Qualified and certified by the French Government defense procurement and technology agency (Direction Générale de l'Armement), Survey Copter's systems offer users a high level of safety, reliability and flight regularity.

Survey Copter is working with a number of European regulatory authorities on R&T projects to ensure that its range of UAS continues to evolve in line with future air traffic regulations. In this way, the company aims to achieve an unrivalled level of safety for both civil and military applications.

Survey Copter has been an active player in the civilian sector since its creation and first uses. Through its many years of operational experience and R&T work, particularly in infrastructure inspection and logistics, the company aims to contribute to the regulatory debate on the routine use of UAVs.

Navigability: a mantra which Survey Copter has made its own