Simulator weSim

Thanks to weSim UAS simulator, the operational teams operating SURVEY Copter UAV can be easily trained under real-time conditions. Hide details More details

Composed of real UAS subsystems, as well as a simulation tool which allows to perform a comprehensive operational mission (take-off, flight, landing), weSim provides the operators with the capability to simulate flights, including for instance day/night observation phases of targets or areas of interest, in a fully virtual environment.

Ideal tool to perform training and mission planning, weSim allows to train operators without considering constraints and risks of a flight in real conditions.

All the simulated flight phases (take off, waypoints, automatic or manual flight, landing…) are performed in a hardware-inthe-loop configuration using the UAV real autopilot, as well as the payload control which is carried out by the ground station.

Thus, weSim allows to provide the operators with a maximal, continuous and cost-effective training. weSim is the ideal and obligatory complement of SURVEY Copter UAS.

Main strengths
  • Training tool
  • Mission planning tool
  • Cost effective solution
  • Real time simulation
  • Operational use
  • UAV operators training
  • Expertise updating
  • Operational mission planning
  • Operational concepts validation
  • Real Time Simulation mode
  • Replay mode
  • Tactical simulation: introduction of virtual elements (vehicles, airplanes, ships,…) in the scenery