DVF 2000 ER

The DVF 2000 ER drone enables both military and civilian users to carry out different types of intelligence, surveillance and inspection missions.

With its thermal propulsion, the DVF 2000 ER drone can fly continuously for up to 8 hours It is therefore perfectly adapted to ensure intelligence gathering missions.

Launched by a pneumatic catapult, the DVF 2000 ER system is characterized by its visual, radar and acoustic discretion.

The DVF 2000 ER is qualified for use in very severe environmental conditions.

Equipped with a EO/IR TI20 gyrostabilized turret, the DVF 2000 ER supplies perfectly stabilized, high quality

images in real time which means that intelligence missions can be carried out by day or night.

It is easy and fast to set up (less than 25 minutes). Take off, flight and landing are entirely automatic as they are managed by a wePilot 4000 auto-pilot. The twin control ground station benefits from all Survey Copter’s acquired expertise and know-how in terms of ergonomics and the human/machine interface. Using this drone proves to be extremely easy, allowing the two operators to permanently be in control of the automatic flight whilst exploiting in real time the images coming from the sensors on board.