UAV DVF 2000/DVF 2000 VT

Available in several versions, DVF 2000 UAV is ideally adapted to perform ISR, protection or monitoring missions, for military and civil applications as well. Hide details More details

flight endurance. It can perform intelligence missions on several tens of kilometres or carry out monitoring time-extended surveillance missions over a sensitive area.

The catapult-launched DVF 2000 UAV completes its mission in a traditional landing process. It can also be recovered in a specific net. This solution avoids landing on a too rugged terrain. It is also capable to perform a number of missions for the Navy. In that case, the drone will be launched from the deck of a warship.Once its mission over a coastal area is completed, it will be recovered in a net installed on the ship’s deck.

In its VT (Vertical Turret) version, DVF 2000 UAV is fitted with a gyro-stabilised turret, installed in a vertical position and providing the UAV with a 360°panoramic coverage. This configuration is operationally very well adapted to carry out missions requiring to observe a fixed target during a long time or track a mobile target.

The UAV system authorises a fast and easy deployment (in less than 10 minutes). The ground station (Single or dual workstations) benefits from SURVEY Copter’s enviable expertise in terms of ergonomics and Man Machine Interface. Thanks to its user friendly design, the ground station can provide a no-interrupt while exploiting in real time all videos and data forwarded by the onboard sensors.

Main strengths
Endurance 2 hours
Range 10-50 km
  • Navy version for warship (DVF 2000)
  • 360° Coverage (DVF 2000 VT)
  • User-friendly design
  • Intelligence gathering (ISR)
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Convoys protection
  • Power lines
  • pipelines monitoring
  • Surveillance of sensitive areas
  • tourelle T120
  • Data Link TLD / TLD LP

Survey Copter specializes in the design and manufacture of remotely operated systems involved in hostile environments: sea, land and air.