TRACKER 120 UAV is ideally adapted to perform different types of ISR missions, for military and civil applications as well. Hide details More details

The electrically-propelled TRACKER 120 UAV has a 1.5 hour flight endurance. It is particularly adapted to carry out tactical intelligence missions..

The hand-launched TRACKER 120 UAV, fitted with 2 electric motors, is a high level of visual and acoustic discretion. Carried as a backpack, TRACKER 120 is qualified to operate in severe environment..

Equipped with the EO/IR T120 gyrostabilised turret, TRACKER 120 UAV provides in real time high-quality and perfectly-stabilised images, allowing to perform with efficiency day and night intelligence missions.

The UAV system authorises a fast and easy deployment (in less than 10 minutes). The ground station (Single or dual workstations) benefits from SURVEY Copter’s enviable expertise in terms of ergonomics and Man Machine Interface. Thanks to its user friendly design, the ground station can provide a no- interrupt while exploiting in real time all videos and data forwarded by the on-board sensors.

Main strengths
Endurance 1h30
Range 25 km
Easy to use
  • Easily transportable
  • User-friendly design
  • Intelligence gathering (ISR)
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Convoys protection
  • Surveillance de zones sensiblesSurveillance of sensitive areas
  • TOURELLE T 120
  • Data Link TLD / TLD LP