Copter 4

Thanks to its endurance and a particularly load-efficient design, Copter 4 UAV is particularly well adapted to perform ISR, protection or monitoring missions for military as well as civil applications. Hide details More details

With an endurance of 2 to 2.5 hours in linear flight configuration (taking advantage of its petrol engine), Copter 4 UAV can rapidly proceed to an area of interest located at several tens of kilometres and perform low speed or hovering missions during several tens of minutes, before returning to its launch site.

With an 8.5 kg possible load (fuel included) Copter 4 UAV can accommodate a variety of payloads: EO/IR turrets, LiDAR, dropping device i.e. to trigger an avalanche or to carry out law enforcement missions (smoke, deafening munitions,…)

The UAV system authorises a fast and easy deployment (in less than 10 minutes). The ground station (Single or dual workstations) benefits from the SURVEY Copter enviable expertise in terms of ergonomics and Man Machine Interface. Thanks to its user friendly design, the ground station can provide a no- interrupt control by both operators of the UAV automatic flight, while exploiting in real time all videos and data forwarded by the on-board sensors.

Main strengths
Endurance > 2 hours
Range 10 à 40 km
Max payload 8,5 kg
Interchangeable sensors
Easy to use
  • Interchangeable sensors
  • User-friendly design
  • Intelligence gathering (ISR)
  • Sites protection
  • Convoys protection
  • pipelines monitoring,…
  • Law enforcement
  • Tourelles (T120 / T160 / SURVEY 6)
  • Payload LIDAR, smoke, deafening munitions,...
  • Data Link TLD / TLD LP

Survey Copter specializes in the design and manufacture of remotely operated systems involved in hostile environments: sea, land and air.