Ground Tracking Antenna

SURVEY-Copter has several antenna models to connect to the ground station. Hide details More details

It ensures a high quality radio link with the UAV. A two axis kinematic provide a real time orientation of the antenna in the direction of the aircraft.

With 3 models available, we can propose a wide range of distance and weight.

The SURVEY-Copter Antennas can be adapted to all frequencies requested by the customer.

Main strengths
Endurance 2H
Range 20 to 50km (10 to 27 NM)
Max payload 8kg (17lbs) for the backpack portable version
  • Large frequency choice : 320 to 5700MHz
  • Quick installation : less than 3 minutes for some models.
  • Easy tranportation
  • Backpack transported mini UAVs (helicopter or aircraft)
  • Vehicle transported mini UAVs (helicopter or aircraft)
  • With all the SURVEY-Copter range of products