Survey Copter

SURVEY Copter, an AIRBUS Group subsidiary, is one of the worldwide pioneering companies in the design, production and customer operational support of mini-UAVs.

Thanks to its expertise in technology, SURVEY Copter develops all of its UAV systems: aerial platform, ground station, data link, EO/IR turrets,… SURVEY Copter also integrates its own flight computers in its UAV systems, implementing the most advanced algorithms developed by its Swiss subsidiary weControl AG.

SURVEY Copter proposes to its customers :

  • Fixed wing mini-UAVs particularly well adapted to fulfil missions requiring to proceed surveillance of a large zone.

Dedicated to both military and civil missions, these UAVs are currently deployed on different operational theatres by our main customers: French Army, Foreign Armed Forces (Land and Naval), special forces, police, gendarmerie…, Several hundreds of our aircraft and helicopters have been deployed during the last decade’s conflicts for ISR, coastal surveillance, anti-piracy operations, peacekeeping missions.

Thanks to their user-friendly and easy deployment design, our mini-UAVs are used to carry out both civil or industrial missions: monitoring of critical areas, aerial power lines or pipeline inspection,…

We provide our customers with a comprehensive service including systems delivery, spares  parts, training of drone operators and maintenance personnel, associated documentation.   SURVEY Copter can also act as a services provider to perform overall turnkey missions. Our   UAV system will then be deployed and operated by SURVEY Copter staff.

The SURVEY Copter quality management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 2014.

This certification demonstrates SURVEY Copter’s willingness to place quality in a prominent position in it’s development strategy, particularly for export markets. It makes SURVEY Copter one of the few European manufacturers of mini-drones capable of competing with the American and Israeli leaders.

The quality policy aims in particular to:

  • meet the customers’ needs and users of our products;
  • continuously improve our performance.